Do you want to save money in the new year?

Join us for a series of couponing classes, Sunday evenings at 5pm, where you will learn the basic principles and strategies of couponing!





Sunday January 5th – We will be covering Coupon Policies at local stores, examples of extreme couponing success and an overview of the course.


Sunday January 12th – We will be exploring the world of online, store, manufacturer’s and competitor coupons, as well as coupon stacking and doubling.


Sunday January 19th – We will cover ad strategy and budgeting.


Sunday January 25th – We will be planning a field trip, where everyone will have the to opportunity to experience extreme couponing first hand. 


We encourage you to attend all classes for a full grasp of couponing techniques and strategies.  If you are unable to make it to one of the classes, please feel free to come early or stay a bit late and we will be happy to catch you up!

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