Join us Sunday, September 13th at 10:45 for our special missionary guests; Ben and Theresa King.

The Kings have been teammates in soul winning for over 18 years, proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ and sharing His love with multitudes, face to face, in many nations of the world. As working artists, oil painting, mosaic murals, public displays of art, and a simple potter’s wheel have allowed the Kings to bring the life-changing message of Christ to places most missionaries would not be welcome. Monasteries to Muslim schools have welcomed their innovative approach to sharing Christ.  Crowded stadiums to dusty villages have all been overjoyed as Gospel truths have been powerfully shared with miraculous signs, confirming the Gospel. The Kings continue their “quest for souls” from Tallahassee to Tokyo. They are now planting a new art and cultural center in Lisbon, Portugal that serves as an evangelistic and church planting base to Europe and even North Africa.



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